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Certificate ISO 9001:2001
In frames of improving the quality of access to our consumers we obrained certificate of quality ISO 9001:2001 in January 2003. [more]
Specialized hall for curling
Early in May 2003 cooling technology was state into operation in Praque in the first specialized hall for curling in Czech Republic.
about us

Brnofrost Limited Liability company was founded in 1991. From beginning was aimed on supplies and assembly cooling technology with ecological unexceptionable cooler - ammonia.

Our endaeavour is to offer complex services in enclosure ammoniac cooling from preparation project over resulting supplies and assembly to final revision cooling equipment. We deliver new chief equipment from renowned producers - compressors York, Grasso, Mycom, Aerzen, condensors and cooling towers Baltimore, Evapco, coolers Goedhart, Guenter, etc.

Our customers are breweries, cold stores, dairies, meat plants and poultry farms, ice-rings, plants of chemical industry.

Charbulova 74, 618 00 Brno, Czech Republic, phone: 548 534 830, fax: 548 533 907, brnofrost@brnofrost.cz