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mobile ice-rings

Mobile ice-ring is suitable to holiday skating. It´s laying on the flat basis as a tennis-court, sportgrounds or parking space. Running is supposed in term from November to February in dependence on weather. Area proportion depend only on operator´s possibilities. When it´s placed on the tennis-court for example the area could be 33 x 14 as far as 40 x 20 bm. Naturally the areas so big as a hockey field it´s 30 x 60 bm are standard.

The system consist of a double heat and a hydro isolation of the area, plastic pipelines in the build, barrier, cooling unit in the container. The assembly and the disassembly of the ice-ring is very simple and easy.


The isolation is on the ara not to happen freeze through of the basis area at starting operation. As lately as the land would be chilled ice on the surface would start to come up. It´s naturally very expensive (because of energy) and it takes a longer time to create an ice layer needed to skating.

Plastic pipeline is laying on the insulative layer and water is spattering on and create it´s own surface. It´s stored in build on the spools in summer. Warmth-bring material is ethylenglykol.

The barrier is fasten to the isolation and ice layer. That´s why it isn´t determide to men hockey competition but just for public skating or preparation of hockey pupils.

Cooling unit is placed in the container and contain compressor, condensors, tabular exchangers, glykol pump, glykol forebay. We can offer equipment working with primary cooler R407 or R717. Practically to the container is fasten plastic distributing and manifold and the unit is ready to run. The unit has it´s own selecting system that monitor temperature of cooling medium, temperature of ice and work whole running of equipment so it runs in optimal mode. Achievment is adaptate to the area size.


  • the isolation against freezing through
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • without attendance service
  • possibility of placing advertisement on the barriers


  • on the parking at shopping centre
  • at hotels and at recreational centre
  • on the tennis-courts
  • on the volleyball-courts, handball-courts
  • on the wood dais
  • on the squares and other public areas

Today we cooperate with company that deliver sport surfaces. Together we create project of subsoil structure under sports grounds where to the basis system is installed insulative layers and pipeline system that will be embed in concrete and on the top of concrete will lie carpet with imitation of the grass with silicon. So we obtain preparing for winter using sport ground as an ice-ring - then just install light barrier and add cooling unit.

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