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evaporative condensators

It serves for devaporation of the vapour inside of cooling system. Their using is very advantageous because acquisition costs are lower then in case other condensing systems (condensators cooling by air, kettle with cooling tower). Also operating costs are lower in comparison with other systems because at direct evaporating water is possible to run condensators at lower condensing temperature and it means decreasing input to the compressors and clear saving of energy.

Evaporative condensators can be used as an air condensator in winter (low water consumption) and at editions with two-speed engine of the fan is possible to regulate speed automatically and herewith sind inputs of engine.

We deliver evaporative condesators from Evapco (Italy) and Baltimore Aircoil (Belgium).

condensator VXC 185, ZS Kopřivnice

condensator VXC 185, ZS Žilina
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