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  • ZS Brno Úvoz

    Full reconstruction of the cooling engine room, piston compressors Grasso RCU 810, tabular exchanger ammonia/brine, tabular condensor, cooling tower, measuring and regulation system, exhaust heat utilize for snow cache.

    ZS Brno Úvoz

    ZS Brno Úvoz
  • Buly Arena Kravaře

    Construction of the new hall on "a green field". Cooling technology, compressors York SMC 106E, 116L, cooling tower Baltimore, tabular condensor, utilizing of exhaust heat, MaR system, barrier.

    Buly Arena Kravaře

    Buly Arena Kravaře
  • ZS Žilina

    Full reconstruction of the cooling engine room, spiral compressors Grasso Duo HB 5BH, tabular exchangers ammonia/glykol, measuring and regulation system.

    ZS Žilina

    ZS Žilina
  • ZS Lovosice

    Supply and assembly of the plastic ice area. Today the contruction of the new cooling engine room is going on. Cooling room include York compressor, tabular exchanger, tabular condensor and cooling tower. Engine room will be controlled by the help of Mar systém with visual system on PC.

    ZS Lovosice

    ZS Lovosice
  • ZS Kopřivnice

    Reconstuction of the condensing side, utilizing of exhaust heat.

    ZS Kopřivnice
  • Curling hall Praque Roztyly

    Full supply and assembly the first specialized hall for curling in Praque Roztyly, piston compressors Grasso, tabular exchanger, air condensor, air conditioning, measuring and regulations.

  • ZS Břeclav

    Evaporative condensor, spiral compressor York SMC 108, measuring and regulation system, the exhaust heat utilize system for snow cache.

  • ZS Rosice

    Evaporative condensor VXC 185, spiral compressor York, supply, assembly, wiring and running.

  • Farmak Olomouc

    Supply and assembly of the spiral compressor with frequency measurer SAB 163 HF.

  • ZS Ostrava Ledňáček

    Piston compressor SMC 108 E.

  • Melites Medlov

    Spiral compressor SAB 128 HF, evaporative condensor.

    Melites Medlov

    Melites Medlov
  • Slaughter Lanškroun

    Reconstruction and additional building of slaughter - pistan compressors York CMO 26 and CMO 28, evaporative condensor Baltimore VXC 52, coolers Goedhart, MaR system.

  • Brewery Vyškov

    Coolers of the precincts, evaporative condensor.

  • Hubert Sereď

    Through-flow cooler of vine.

  • Farmak Olomouc

    Reconstruction of cooling engine room - spiral compressor York SAB 163 HR.

  • Rochus Kunovice

    Evaporative condensor Evapco LSCB 560.

  • Dairy Stříbro

    Evaporative condensor Evapco LSCB 295.

  • Meat Diema Frýdek - Místek

    Evaporative condensor Baltimore VXC 85, coolers of air.

  • Butcher Studená

    Cooling tower, cooling system of the digester.

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