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winter stadiums

Operation on winter stadiums inherent key groups of our customers. We carry out contructions and full reconstruction of stadiums, repairs and maintenance.

We differentiate direct and indirect cooling at conception of cooling ice areas. Each of system has it´s own advantages and disadvantages - at direct cooling it´s lower exigencies to energy but ammonia filling 2000 - 4000 kg. At indirect it´s only need c. 300 kg ammonia (e.g. for ZS Úvoz only 120 kg) but higher operating costs because of double heat transfer.

Reconstructions of machine-rooms are solved all in all - cooling, isolation, electro integration, measuring system and regulations with visual program on PC in the manager´s office. In these cases we fit up piston or spiral compressors, tabulars exchangers, pressure tanks, pumps. Condensing aspect is solved by evaporative condensors or tabular condensors and cooling tower. We lay great stress on exploitation of exhaust heat - by installing of tabular or spiral exchangers.Acquired warmth is possible to use for melting snow in snow cache for forewarm of water and forewarm of a cloak-rooms.

The tabular hake is produced for direct cooling by steel pipeline, for indirect cooling in plastic pipeline or in steel pipeline also according to customer wishes. Great flat areas are obtained by continuous floated concreting. Surface is dust-free. Bottom end of the superstructures are gripped under tabular hake - it´s possible to use free areas to play ball games in summer (tennis, basket-ball, volleyball, etc.). The area is enclosed with massive panels substituting for each other. Basis of the panels are jackel steel frames coated with hight white Polyethylen 10 mm thick desks. As a safety glass is used safety glass FLOAT. We are also able to supply covers of advertising on the barriers.

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